1 Your obligations
1.1 You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to make a booking. By making a booking with Out and About you accept these terms and conditions and accept this is a binding contract between you and Out and About. Further, you agree to convey these Terms and Conditions, prior to the charter, to all guests and/or associated entities.

2 The Charter
2.1 Out and About will not be responsible for any damage to persons, property or vehicles. It will require those customers involved and the organiser to cover any costs incurred due to negligent, reckless or irresponsible actions or behaviour.
2.2 Smoking is not permitted on vehicles.
2.3 The vehicles are to be kept in a reasonably clean condition.
2.4 Out and About cannot be held responsible if major incidents prevent us from arriving on time.
2.5 Customers who do not arrive on time run the risk of being left behind as vehicles will not wait for "latecomers". Out and About will not be responsible for passengers leaving pickup locations if our vehicles are not present at the scheduled time, or for anyone who is left behind at any stage of the charter and no refunds will be provided for passengers who miss any part of, or all, of the charter.
2.6 No glass bottles, drinks or food are allowed on the vehicle. Purchases are to be stored separate from passengers.
2.7 The driver reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary on the day of the charter, upon consultation with the group organiser.
2.8 Out and About will not permit any overloading of any vehicle above the specified number allowed.
2.9 Whilst unexpected, the type and/or size of vehicle and/or operators may change without notice depending on availability.
2.10 Out and About is not liable for any mechanical issues that may occur with the vehicles on the charter.
2.11 Out and About will not be liable for any items that are lost, damaged or stolen during the charter.
2.12 Follow the instructions of your driver at all times.
2.13 Use pedestrian crossings or lights if you need to cross roads.
2.14 Always stay seated while in the vehicle, keep head and limbs inside the vehicle at all times.

3 Passenger Exclusion
3.1 Any passenger may be excluded from the charter, if their behaviour is reasonably deemed by Out and About as unacceptable, including:
(a) Behaviour that is disruptive.
(b) Passenger brings alcohol on bus.
(c) Passenger consumes, or appears to have consumed, alcohol on bus.
(d) Passenger endangers others.
(e) Passenger at any time smokes on vehicle.
(f) Passenger is offensive, intimidating, or aggressive to others, including passengers, staff and public.
(g) Passenger engages in a fight.
(h) Behaviour that could damage the vehicle, or other property.
(i) Behaviour that could damage the reputation of Out and About.
3.2 Passengers excluded from the charter, pursuant to clause 3.1, will not receive a refund.
3.3 Out and About may cancel the charter at any time if:
(a) The behaviour of five (5) (or more) passengers would permit Out and About to exclude them from the charter, pursuant to clause 3.1.
(b) The circumstances reasonably justify cancelation.
3.4 No refunds will be issued to any of the passengers on the charter if the charter is cancelled.

4 Credit Card, Bond and Damage
4.1 At Out and Abouts' option, you agree to:
(a) Provide your credit card details to secure your booking. You further authorise Out and About to charge this card to compensate for wilful damage to vehicles, cleaning of vehicles where they haven't been left in a reasonable state, extra time including due to group not boarding buses at specified time and losses incurred, or likely to be incurred, by actions, or in-actions, including behaviour damaging to our reputation; and/or
(b) Pay a bond of up to $300. The bond must be paid and cleared, 5 working days prior to the charter and where it hasn't, the charter is cancelled and for the avoidance of doubt, Out and About will retain the deposit. Out and About will repay the bond, subject to the conditions specified by Out and About (no food or drink on vehicles, wilful damage to vehicles, cleanliness of vehicles, extra time and losses incurred, or likely to be incurred, by actions, or in-actions, including behaviour damaging to our reputation), to your nominated account, within 5 working days of the charter.